Product Overview

Secure Chat Rooms


In one-to-one chat, RSA Algorithm is used to generate a secret key that is shared only between the sender and the recipient. This unique key is necessary to decrypt messages.

In group chat, a mutual key for decryption is shared amongst the group chat members. All messages communicated in One Krypto are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption technology.

Secure Chat

  • Online, offline chat
  • Auto destruct function
  • Encryption using AES 256
  • Key pairing with friends, end-to-end encryption, messages can only be decrypted by intended recipients.
Encrypt Email


Keep your confidential emails, confidential with our One Krypto Email. Encrypt your email contents in One Krypto before sending it through your existing Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any imap or pop3 email account to another One Krypto user. This feature also allows you the flexibility to send decrypted email to other unsecured email addresses.

Secure Data Encryption

Secure Notes

One Krypto also features Secure Notes where users can keep their sensitive data encrypted in the application. Think of it as a physical safe that keeps all your private and confidential files, locked with a padlock, with only the rightful owner having the key to unlock it. Use Secure Notes to encrypt your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, pin codes and other private and confidential information to prevent unauthorized access.

My Profile

My profile (Krypto ID)

Server generated Krypto ID which is a unique ID that identifies YOU with our One Krypto secured server.

With the Krypto ID and your password, your subscription will be protected in the unfortunate event you lose your phone, or have to reinstall One Krypto application due to any unforeseen reason. This way, you can continue to enjoy your existing One Krypto account without having to purchase a new subscription.