Encrypted Text Messages

Encrypted Message

One Krypto uses military standard encryption bit allowing users to send and receive messages secure from prying eyes.
Self Destruction App

Auto Destruct Function

Providing you with peace of mind is our goal. With our built in self-destruct function, you can auto-delete messages according to set time.
Stealth Mode Startup

Stealth Mode

One Krypto (Android version) has the ability to run on stealth mode avoiding detection by curious onlookers.
Secure File Encryption Tool

About One Krypto

One Krypto application allows for communication via SMS, chat and email to be sent in an encrypted form; thereby ensuring a secure way for messages and information to be exchanged between devices. This is achieved by enabling secure end to end encrypted data with military grade AES 256 encryption technology. Encrypted data can be sent through carrier network infrastructure and received in encrypted form with nobody but the intended recipient having access to decrypt the message using a unique private key. Our 'self-destruct' timer function allows you to delete messages according to your own set time. This adds another layer of protection to the confidentiality of your messages. One Krypto provides secure communication in the following ways:

  1. Secure Chats / SMS
  2. Secure Email
  3. Secure Notes

For more information about our company, please visit : http://www.mtouche.com/