Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum Android OS version that we support is version 4.0 and above.
Our One Krypto application is fully optimized for iOS8.

We offer 3 subscription plans with the usage of One Krypto.

If you use Krypto Card, the plans are:

  • 3 Months = USD 6.99 / RM 30
  • 6 Months = USD 11.99 / RM50.00
  • 12 Months = USD 23.99 / RM100

Please note that other charging denominations may apply if you purchase from Play Store / App Store In-App-Purchase.

Besides the subscription fee that a user would pay to subscribe to the service, there might be other costs such as SMS fees if you send chats messages via SMS platform in the event of no network connection detected. Please refer to your network provider for an updated rate for SMS services.
Currently, we accept payment through Google Play Store and Apple App Store In-App-Purchase and also Krypto Cards.

If you paid using Google's / Apple's In-App-Purchase, the subscription will auto renew prior to account expiry.

If you used Krypto Card to activate your account, you can purchase another Krypto Card to topup your account and extend the subscription. Optionally, you can choose to topup using Google's / Apple's In-App-Purchase and from then onwards, recurring payment will be automatic. Please note that the recurring start date will be from the day you subscribe using In-App-Purchase. So, it will be wiser to start the recurring subscription AFTER the account has expired.

For In-App-Purchase, we do not handle nor store a customer's credit card information. This is handled by Google / Apple.

This is because there is a unique key pairing between you and your friend. This key cannot be shared with other friends. Hence when you add your friend 1 by 1, a unique key will be generated between you and your friend only.
To protect your account and sync contacts if you reinstall the app or move your app to another device.
When the app sync contact, app checks contacts in device and check against MSISDN in server to know if this MSISDN has One Krypto or not. If exist, then it's identified as One Krypto user.
Unfortunately, secure notes are never transmitted to the server, hence it will only reside on your old device.
On certain Android phones, you might be required to restart your phone in order to let the stealth mode work accordingly. This is due to some firmware restrictions that requires a refresh by doing a phone restart.
When you have successfully signed up to One Krypto, the app is able to search from your phone book contacts who are current users of One Krypto so you may connect directly or you may add and select to whom you wish to send an invite to for this app.
When you are in the chatroom with your contact, there is a status next to each message you send out. Once you press Send, the status would be 'Sent' and when your messages are read by the recipient the status would be 'Delivered'.
For security reasons, this app does not allow a user to login to multiple devices using the same Krypto ID at the same time.
Free Call is a function that enables you to talk to your contact via a VoIP call for free. This makes it quick and easy since you are able to relay your message or information instantly and save on your phone charges. Data charges may apply though. This call function is found in the Contact menu after you have selected a contact name.
Self-Destruct is a feature which allows you to set a timer on your sent messages so that it will be removed from the recipient chat screen (and your own) after it is read. This will help to keep certain messages personal or private where receiver will not get to recall the message after viewing.
The app will only capture your phone number in order to synchronize with your phone contacts to search for existing users of One Krypto so you may connect conveniently.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve your login password. This is for security reasons and you will need to reinstall the app and start a new account.
Yes, you may by-pass the Login Password Screen if you have disabled Password Lock in Settings. This app allows you to enable or disable the password lock for your convenience. However, for security reasons, we advise that you enable the password lock at all times. When it is enabled, you may also set a reminder that you change your password in 90days.
This app provides you an option to clear all media files received from the contacts and groups you chat with. This option is found in Settings and you shall select 'Manage Storage' to view the list of people whom you have received media files from. You may then select more than one contact at a time and the app will inform you how much space you will redeem if you confirm the clear action.
Your account information remains the same if you login using your existing Krypto ID after you reinstall the app. It is important that you remember your Krypto ID (and password) so that you may login and retrieve your account setup earlier.
Yes, if you do know your existing Krypto ID, you are able to login using the same Krypto ID in another device. Please take note that your Krypto ID can only be tagged to one phone number at any one time. This would mean you will not get a connection when you try to login with your previous device using the same Krypto ID.

We noticed that some Xiaomi devices require setting changes from the Security section. If you're using Xiaomi, please try to follow these steps below.

  1. From your app, go to Security:
  2. Click on Permission:
  3. Go to Manage App Permissions:
  4. Find One Krypto app from the list:
  5. Toggle the Auto Start for this app:
  6. Click OK to confirm:
  7. Now you should be able to launch One Krypto from the dial pad: